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Project Collaboration

A student or group of students will work with specific focus on a problem in a company. The length of the commitment is usually 2-5 months and is undertaken as part of a thesis or project. The collaboration is usually meeting-based and the student will be working from the university or from home. This approach is useful to get a new perspective on a “desk-problem” or similar issue.

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A student will be attached to the company as part of an internship period of 2-6 months in the study program. In this type of collaboration the student will be working primarily with one problem, plus associated ad-hoc issues. The place of work is usually the company’s location between 15-37 hours a week. The internship is unpaid, but nevertheless we encourage that transport expenses are covered.

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International Brainstormers

International Brainstormers is a new project launched by the University of Southern Denmark, the region of Southern Denmark, and the European Union in order to attract a more highly skilled workforce to the southern region of Denmark.

University of Southern Denmark will in the years to come attract qualified international students from all over the world. The target group is students from the technical-, societal-, and scientific areas, who have completed a bachelor of three years duration, and furthermore wishes to participate in a two years long graduate programme in Denmark.

During the graduate programme the students are obligated to participate in various courses of Danish language, culture, and society so that they are able to adapt to the Danish conditions. As an integrated part of their graduate programme the students shall complete a company project work in a relevant company in the region of Southern Denmark, and possibly write their thesis in collaboration with the company. In all probability, this will increase their chances of employment after graduation and in so doing increase the highly skilled workforce in the region.

We seek companies that whishes a partnership with the University of Southern Denmark and international elite students in the fall of 2013, 2014, and 2015. There are various partnerships available between a corporation and an International Brainstormer.

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Industrial PhD – research and business

The Industrial PhD scheme is a research-based collaboration between the academic world and the business sector that can prepare your business for the challenges of tomorrow. 

The Industrial PhD scheme is designed for companies that can support a three-year business-orientated research and development project.

The Industrial PhD student is employed by the company as a fulltime employee for three years. Salary is agreed between the Industrial PhD student and the company, but the company must pay at least the minimum PhD wage in accordance with the PhD Collective Agreement. 

Several companies may work together to employ a PhD student.

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