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Internships and Projects

Every year, many students at the University of Copenhagen apply their competences by collaborating with a company on an internship or a project. Both these terms describe a temporary, project-oriented programme in which the student makes an agreement with a company or organisation to undertake a certain project or task. Students can handle these tasks by applying the academic qualifications and competences they have gained during their university studies.


Both your company and students can benefit in many ways if you establish collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. The students will be able to establish contact with the business community already during their studies, and also develop new competences and gain experience from working in the "real world". The benefits for your company include that you: Have access to committed and well-educated resources, have access to the latest knowledge from the world of research, help the student to prepare for a career after graduation, increase your opportunities to recruit some of the best university students.

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Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an initiative which allows a masters student to meet a company during two normal working days. The student will be well-prepared and will be selected so mutual interest is secured.

The job shadowing concept is aimed at creating a positive experience for the participants while so creating a concrete output. Your motivation for a Job Shadowing might be to test if you need to create a student job, to get new eyes on an old problem, or simply to get in touch with some of the most qualified students at KU.

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Company dating

Company dating provides an opportunity for students and companies to share a short and precise presentation of their wishes and expectations to facilitate efficient matchmaking. 

Company dating is a new initiative in Kubulus (KU Alumni association) where students and companies will meet for a round of 10 minute speed-dating at café tables. The goal is to match students and companies that have a mutual interest in jobs, project collaboration, internships or something else entirely.

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