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Project collaboration

At Project collaboration the cooperation takes place in the shape of a project which typically takes departure in a problem or an issue within the organization. The service is open to all students and all organizations from bachelor level to master’s level.

Roskilde University aims at giving businesses and industries an insight of the academic life and which competencies the student entails. By these means the university and the external organization can be able to enhance the exchange information and knowledge and concrete project based solutions.

Project collaboration is basically a mutual offer for students and companies to gain experience and knowledge to the company and the academic life. The Project collaboration can make a huge difference within your company as you in collaboration with the students can uncover many aspects which in other circumstances would not be uncovered.

Students from RUCs undergraduate and post graduate level keeps themselves updated with the newest projects on our website: and are willing to write a project in collaboration with a company - free of charge!

If you are interested in project collaboration you can contact us by e-mail:

Contact Roskilde University

Sune Kaspar Testrup Friis, Manager, Head og section


T: +45 4674 2129

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As a company or organisation you have an opportunity to have a RUC student as an intern. All experience shows that an internship is a unique way to provide a company with new professional input and consequently identify the challenge in the particular company.

An internship consists of a 1-6 month period where the student becomes part of the workplace. The best results can be achieved if you or a colleague acts as primary contact for the student throughout the period. The student will work with specific and pre-approved tasks that are relevant to the academic education, but also are a part of the development and operation of the company.

Internships can be posted on RUC's Jobbank.

Posting in November is good timing for a spring-semester intern and May for a fall-semester intern.

Questions about internships can be directed to RUCinnovation at praktikordningen@ruc.dkor 4674 2010.


The Industrial PhD Programme

An Industrial PhD project is a three-year vocational PhD programme where the student is employed by a company while enrolled at a university. The company receives a subsidy of 14,500 DKK each month for three years, and the university's expenses for supervision, etc. is covered by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation. The PhD student works on the project fulltime in the company, and in principle shares the time equally between the company and the university. The parties involved in an Industrial PhD programme are generally one company, one university and the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation.

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