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If your knowledge of AAU is limited, it may seem confusing to find the right approach to collaboration. To help you get started, Aalborg University has established AAU Matchmaking; a strong network of matchmakers who can guide you to the right researchers, students and test facilities.

AAU offers a full palette of opportunities for collaboration that applies equally to small and medium businesses and to large - from working with students on projects or internships, to networking of researchers and practitioners (around specific subject areas), to opportunities to make use of university laboratory facilities, to more binding cooperation on research and development, just to mention some of the possibilities. Common to these options is the scientific focus and an approach that in most cases benefits both the company and the researcher.

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Solution Camp 

A Solution camp designed to solve a specific company problem by utilizing cross-faculty knowledge from students at AAU. Participation will allow you access to the newest knowledge through a focused and creative problem solving process. Solution Camp is arranged by AAU Matchmaking and is typically a one-day event, but can be adjusted to fit the circumstances. The company usually hosts the event but other arrangements can be made by contacting AAU Matchmaking.

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