SME Knowledge Initiatives

Why should your company focus on collaboration with students and universities?

Growth and productivity in a company is documented to be increased by cooperation with a university or an approved technological institution (GTS) on research and development. Also employees with a further education will contribute to the company’s growth (Business Research, Development and Innovation in Denmark - policies and effects, 2011)

But especially for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) it can be a challenge to hire maybe the first person with a higher education in the company or to engage in cooperation with researchers or students.

There are, however, a number of information sites and possibilities for financial support for SMEs who are thinking along these lines. In the Danish Maritime Cluster project we would like to inform Danish maritime companies about the different support schemes and matchmaking initiatives available. Below you will find a list of these. The project secretariat can also be of assistance to maritime companies with contacts to relevant universities and educational institutions. You are very welcome to contact us.