The TransGovernance project is an international project spanning 8 countries in the Baltic region. 22 partners participate to coordinate the development of national transport policies, with the goal of creating a harmonised transnational transport system.
The network organisation TINV (under MDCE) is the participating partner in the project and is focused on analysing how governmental control systems and tools can contribute to promoting the use of intermodal transport systems (short sea shipping in particular) amongst distributors.
DKMK's participation in the TransGovernance project is two-fold.
•    Facilitate an in-depth analysis of Danish distributors' use of short-sea shipping routes, including which barriers currently exist.
•    Development of a campaign aimed at Danish distributors to promote the use of short sea shipping. This effort will be a collaboration with TINV, Short Sea Promotion Danmark, and Nærskibsfarts-netværket.
DKMK's involvement in the TransGovernance project is part of WP6.2 (Identification and development of innovation projects) in DKMK.
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