The Funen Maritime Cluster

It is the intention of The Funen Maritime Cluster is to facilitate contacts and establish networks between maritime companies, educational institutions, and maritime organizations located at Funen. The Funen Maritime Cluster is currently part of development groups that emphasize Offshore Service, Maritime Support & Consulting, Construction & Materials Selection, and Shipbuilding & Propulsion.
The purpose of the development groups is to create a forum where ideas, business opportunities, and new initiatives can materialize and be set into motion for the benefit of the participating companies. As of July 2013 the cluster has 55 members.  However, a mapping of Funen has shown a growth potential of up to a possible total of 300 companies in the region.
The Funen Maritime Cluster has a budget of DKK 5 million and is planned to run until January 1st 2015. The funds from Vækstforum Syddanmark and EU’s Social fund will be used in five different areas, by using two-day courses as a central element. The courses topics are:
•    B2B cooperation between the companies in the micro-cluster
•    Cooperation between companies and educational institutions
•    Knowledge-sharing on opportunities to increase growth
•    Expand collaboration between companies, from competition to co-creation of value
•    Developing the internationalization potential in the cluster
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